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Full Version: Starwars Names
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Someone on another forum I frequent posted this:
Quote:To find your Star Wars name:

first name
take the first 3 letters of you last name, add to them the first 2 letters of you first name.

eg: John Smith = Smijo

last name
take the first 3 letters of your mothers maiden name, add to them the first 3 letters of the name of the town you were born in

eg: Martin & Melbourne = Marmel

My name would be:

Grelu Judcar.
Wilni Kusade

EDIT: haha Chany's is Pedch Ansnow.

Premi McCips

Yeah.. okay
Knosh Witgol
Ottcai Goosou :lol:
Hamth Flamel
Gorda Smipen
Murki Hamshe
Coand Dubmar :blink:
Immjo Lynhob
Denst llocar

Pouro Welmit

Righteo... That was fun!
Vanmi Danci. It almost rhymes.
echelon,Jan 28 2005, 05:16 PM Wrote:Immjo Lynhob
Try Immja Immhob dude. It gets tricky when you have the same last name as your mother's maiden name Tongue

Anyway, I'm: Nosan Ovespr
Golpe Tagtar
i know i'm posting this pretty late but here,
Ottca Gooarm

mines shit lol
Tabja Gaubla

Now he would be one mofo you don't want to run into down a dark alley at night.
Rudda Lilren