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Full Version: Website changes - MySQL etc.
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Hi guys, I was wondering if I could get my MySQL database transfered to the new server. Also I was wondering with all the changes already, would it be possible to change my site from to And finally my account password doesn't seem to work (at least) for ftp access.


Huw, drop me an e-mail at work,, I'll sort it out during the week. Tell Jason I'll get his sorted too, been a bit busy recently. Smile
Sorry, I saw this and prompty forgot (hey, I had two exams last week, I'm allowed to).

I'll leave it up to Nozz, if he doesn't mind Smile
Thanks very much.
Nozz, I've sent you an email.


Hmmmm.... ftp still does not seem to work.

Also where is phpMyAdmin? does not work.

Thanks once again.