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Full Version: Christmas linkage
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Another links email received... haven't checked them, so some may be NWS...

Quote: - shastie will like this, and yes - it was a cosplay convention. server is bloody slow.
but this has merit too.... - this guy definitely has balls. - now that's what I call getting oral! - the Japanese don't muck about when they do power poles. - this is really just brilliant. Smile - "But, when he came asking about the nuclear fusion machine, she relented." WTbleedingF?!?!? - some pretty amazing sculptures here. - WTBLEEDINGF?!?!? I have GOTTA try this! - now that's original and classy! - cool! that will make insulating and waterproofing a piece of delrin rod much easier every time I need to do it!

Some cool photos: - I am SO BUYING ONE. - and I like BASIC, too. Sad good for a quickie. - that's just weird. - holy shart. - O.o christ, that was close! - HEADSHOT!!!!! - ooh.... - now this guy is just awesome. - does this strike anyone else as brain-dead insanity?

Random funny pics: - I'd settle for the plate surround! - look at the size of the fracking card compared to the slot insert.... - now THAT's an SPL run! - I'll take the 2nd and 3rd ones. - absolutely awesome. the photo server gets slashdotted occasionally though. - I want one! - I WANT a rollertoaster! - classy... - yes, right up until you snag the cord on something and tear the entire earlobe out. - hey, that could come in handy! - I think you need those. - surprised they didn't do a Rodney King on him. - wt bleeding f is this supposed to be?!? - I hope he didn't damage that bloody awning. They cost money, you know. - bugger, 8 out of 9. - O.o >_o - I have lived to see the term "within 500 feet of feces" in a government law. - interesting concept. - well *I'm* not seeing a problem with this.... - Nepalese Maoist insurgents are apparently getting with the the plan. - it was necessary to TEST for this?? - classy all the way. - yeah, pick the right bunch of people to piss off, guys.

this was flagged as spam and you were banned!. I've un-banned you and restored the thread Smile
But all Nicks posts are spam, so the spam filter is doing a great job!! Wink

Is it possible to turn that off for members?
Now that we've moved to the new forum package, the spam stuff that I'd briefly installed is no longer needed/used.

haha in alphabetical order!