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18 Feb 05, 09:14 AM,
:ph34r: well as everybody should know, theres this big thing sweeping the world, but what is Neurocam? and has any one joind? :ph34r:
all they seem to do is send people on missions, I have joined and are a little scared...
18 Feb 05, 03:57 PM,
We do not allow blatant spam and advertising on our Forums. If you would like to advertise with us please PM me to receive rates and make appropriate arrangements.

If you believe this is an error on my behalf let me know via PM.
21 Feb 05, 10:45 AM,
Apologies for any confusion, first time around this appeared to be a spam from the site owner.

It appears this isn't so, and I've re-opened this thread.
26 Apr 05, 03:45 PM,
26 Apr 05, 03:46 PM,

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