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Religion... heh
13 Apr 05, 03:29 PM,
I'm off work this week and got a phone call today.

Ring, Ring
Ross P: Hello?
Religious Zealot Hi, my name is Alyssa, I live in your local area and got your name from the phone book. I'm not trying to sell you anything, and I'm not asking for donations.
RP ...
RZ I'm wondering if I can ask you a few questions for a religious survey
RP Sorry, you've got the wrong person to ask about that...
RZ You're atheist?
RP Technically not, but that's where my beliefs lie
RZ Oh, I'm sorry
RP It's OK, I'm sorry that I choose not to believe in something that can't be proven
RZ Oh, the bible has been proven many times with events being written before they happened
RP Yeah?
RZ Yes, I hope that one day you change your mind ready to end call
RP I think it's really great that you have a strong belief, something you can really believe in. But what's not great is trying to get everybody else to follow the same beliefs
RZ The Bible says we should try to spread our beliefs, it's what He says.
RP Did God tell you to pick up the telephone and harrass me on my day off of work?
RZ I don't think it's harrassment
RP If I get cold callers ringing me during the day to sell me things, it's harrassment. You're trying to sell me religion, so it's harrassment.
RZ I'm terribly sorry and I hope you change your mind soon. Have a nice day
RP Cheery mood You too! Smile

I've still got her number in the phone from caller ID... tempted to call her and say I want to do a survey on religion Tongue
13 Apr 05, 04:19 PM,
Well post her number, we'll come up with a series of questions and then call her one after another asking if we can do a survey on Aethism

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