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ha ha i'm posting from a pda
18 Apr 05, 06:31 PM,
got internet pass through working with the sync cradle!! but bugger it's hard using the stylus and on screen keyboard.

okay enough 'fun' for now. :blink:

edit: 240x320 < *
19 Apr 05, 07:04 AM,
brembo,Apr 18 2005, 06:31 PM Wrote:edit: 240x320 < *
I can imagine
19 Apr 05, 11:34 AM,
On-screen keyboard is for n00bs. Handwriting recognition is where it's at.

Pity that it's impossible to use it when the pda is in the cradle... you really have to hold it in one hand or sit it on the desk.

That's where wifi/bluetooth comes in handy Smile

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