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25 Aug 05, 07:30 PM,
I have not checked all these links. May or may not be work safe! - machine gun beats katana. eventually. - hey, let's play with explosives! - 10 out of 10 for effort here. - awesome! - go Bruce! - oh, I have GOT to try this. - I DON'T think so! - yes, you can run the internet off potatoes. - OK, that's really OTT. But I want some. - sorta cool. LED taps! - I knew that. - no problems here. Get 'em out, love. - try it, arseholes. - yes, I get into some weird places on the internet. Don't ask. - now that's a shit job. - anyone want to take a guess? - FIIK. - centreline cross is an instant DQ, I doubt he really cares at that stage. - this guy is in deep shit. - James Doohan has died. Possibly the one serious link in this whole e-mail. - don't tempt me. - I just swear at the bastards and hang up. This person has put some effort into it. It's almost as good as this - I'm never going swimming again. O.o - OK, this guy is officially cool. - sounds like crap to me.... - designed by management, I am guessing. - I wouldn't do her, rooftop or not, it's fugly. - on the other hand..... (thanks, Pravda). - try WEARING CLOTHES, you stupid bints.... - yeah, that was bright. Real bright. - that's great, where's the keygen??? - I was looking up a term I had not encountered before, and wandered across this gem. Duncan should love it. Smile

oh yeah... gotta add this one, too: - cool! - this guy is, without a doubt, a legend. - Smile - OK, pass the brain bleach. - "Sphincter Shrinker XXX" - rofl.... - Smile - oops, butterfingers. Be a bugger if you wanted to plant spuds. - classy. - Batmobile II - this should inspire Duncan. - classy! - the eagle has landed. - ooh! - now that is one pimped out car. - Smile - !!!!! - well, that's got to be one of the greater failures of all time. - there is some pretty goddamn amazing animation in this website, have an explore. - HOLY CRAP!!!! Put me down for a Viper!!! - ...... and the kicker is RIGHT at the end! - Shaun will love these. - just ordered one. Smile - er, the last one looks better *on* the meth..... - holeeeeeeeee sheeeeyit! - worth a watch (open in WMP or paste into download manager) - weird. - if you're laughing at some of this, you need help. - er, yeah, OK. /me leaves..... - hahahaha, classy. - control the junkbot.,3800...39151547,00.htm - I think I'm going to cry. - ironic photo of the week. - yes, that is exactly what it looks like. - ooh, now that's sort of scary. I think i came close today. O.o - aw, f***. - I'm still blown away by #5.

"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."

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