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More bloody links!
20 Nov 05, 04:25 PM,
#1 - well quark me.... - evil! - I am SO trying this. - bummer.... - here's a authentic whacko for you. Along with everyone else on 6moons. - chicks of the world. Tongue ( is good) - that's disgusting and I'm hungry now. Sad\ - Smile - cool, anyone want to do a group order? - rofl!
(edit) and then I found this too: - ooh! /bids... now THAT's gonna be fun.,10117,170...62,00.html - WTF?!?!? This crap is going WAY too far. - I like this guy. - works for me. - er, yes, if you like. - rofl..... - Smile - ah, the joys of science. - hmm. that was random. - ooh, that would make your eyes water. what's up with the weird file extesion? - hippos ahoy! - loser, badly pwned. - and this is why you don't want to fall asleep, Bobbit syndrome. - longer front forks methinks. - WT bleeding F?!? site takes a LONG time to load, be patient NOW DAMMIT!!!!!! - ooh, that's harsh. - remind me not to swim with the pirahnas. - do you reckon she's mad? - I want one! - except to use these, you need to have a LAN THAT WORKS PROPERLY, IDIOTS. - hmm.... - yeah, yeah. suuuuure. - aw. Sad - pwned! - serious drawing skillz. - mmm, oil. Oh, hang on - no baby oil or blondes. Sad - this guy is a weirdo but I like him. And I want to buy one of these: - nah, I want some of these more! >Smile - wahoo! JohnnyGuru is back!
"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."

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