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Hosting and Domain Names
9 Jan 06, 10:49 AM,
Hi Guys,

I am starting to do some real web designing for people and at the moment the sites are with various hosts. I was wondering of anybody knew of a good cost effective host (with PHP, MySQL etc.) and/or domain name supplier?


9 Jan 06, 12:01 PM,
Check out WHTAU -->

Also check out Whirlpool (

Consider where they are hosted before signing up, the vast majority are in the US, which increases latency, but for just web stuff, it shouldn't really matter to most.
12 Jan 06, 11:41 AM,
Do you know any specific good ones to start me off?

17 Jan 06, 08:40 AM,
xi0nblue,Jan 12 2006, 11:41 AM Wrote:Do you know any specific good ones to start me off?

Nothing off the top of my head really.

What do you need? A single site, multiple sites, something like cPanel or Ensim for clients?
19 Jan 06, 07:07 PM,

Shameless work plug. Smile

If you had enough clients (would only need ~10) you could organise a dedicated box for the hosting, then if you end up with many more clients you could actually profit. I know someone who'd do the admin for you for a small fee. Smile

Other than that, you're probably not going to find too much help here, since few of us require paid hosting since we're UGBox sponsors.

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