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31 Mar 06, 02:01 PM,
Some old, some new... waste your life!

Quote: - an interesting read, worth the time. - so true. - still trying to decide if this is actually a spoof - in America, it could well be true. - yeah, OK. - Pizza Hut stuff-your-face obviouslt works differently in other countries.

And on the subject of being a total guts, I note that Deny's Beer Barrel Pub has reclaimed the world title for the most dead cow on a single burger:

This also has a certain charm: - O.o - OK, I'm going to vomit now.,103906,00.html - welcome to the shark tank. - bloody loony Japs. - impressive!  - pwned. - this is pretty weird. - that's pretty harcore...  O.o - don't know if anyone has seen this, but you can create the OS on a USB stick and boot from it. - Smile - now that would just screw your day. - 8-P - now that's unfortunate. - weirdos.... - christ, no wonder they're swollen....  O.o - fuck 'em, he deserves it. - I think there's something in that for all of us. - cool! - seems logical... - this is pretty hardcore home AV. - this dude has some seriously |337 skillz. - looks like a taste sensation! - not bad at all. - ooh, that's got to be a piss-off. - shite.... - that ought to stop the little bastards.  - porno pong! - not bad, classy and stylish. - check out the videos page. - this guy is officially insane, but DAMN I want to try this! - now that'd just fark your whole day... - I only work here.,,2-2006140191,00.html - ummm... anyone else see a problem here? - my oath - when in doubt, ESCALATE - to a bigger calibre! - sorry, that's gross.  but then again, I had McDonald's for breakfast, so who am I to criticise? - Tongue  but Sarah Michelle Gellar only got 94!!  Mind you, Jenna Jameson got 33, so there is some taste left.  Go #2 !!!!!!  But she should have been #1.  Sad -  Smile - some good vids here.  the motorcyle one is good. - nekkid haxxoring!  the vid is over 17Mb, might be easier to pull it directly from - lucky bastards... - does this strike anyone else as being a bit of a fuckup? - Chuck Norris attacks! - these people have issues. - I like how he gets out to finish the job! - ooh, bugger. - cool Lego. - some seriously cool photography here.

"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."

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