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Easy recipes
19 Apr 06, 04:51 PM,
I'm on my lonesome for a while, and 2min noodles and packet mac&cheese have lost their shine come dinner time.

Now what I'm after are some easy (and I mean reaaaal easy) to make recipes that taste good, and are nutricious and all that healthy jazz.

Anyone got some suggestions?
20 Apr 06, 12:59 AM,
1 jar of whichever Kan-tong takes your fancy.
500g of stir-fry meat.
Assorted veges.
A cup of rice.

Some veges like broccoli will need pre-cooking, nuke it in the microwave in a sealed tub with a little water, some like capsicum are best left raw. Boil some water and set the rice to go. Brown the meat in a pan with a little oil, pour on the sauce, stir through the veges. Drain the rice, pour the mix on top, eat.

Stir-fry is dead easy to make, baked potatos are good, pasta bakes, chicken/tuna salads, there's heaps! Surely you have a few recipe books around too.

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