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Linky Linky... two dorrah half hour!
15 May 06, 06:18 PM,
Hot off the press, some old, some new, some probably unsafe. Comments aren't mine.
Quote: - them's good drugs to be that relaxed. - the new A380 cockpit.  buttons are NOT toys.  check out the tail-mounted taxicam in the middle screen on both sides. - that's gotta be a piss-off. - legend! - bait! - poor bastards, it's the hormones in the chicken I tell ya. - they measured that HOW FAR from the bloody thing?  Christ!!!! - AT LAST !!!!!!  This pisses me off at the best of times. - I feel a bit like that on coffee sometimes. - ah well.  Sad - I gotta get me one of these. - personally I reckon that hurt. - nah, THAT hurt. - wow, quad 7900GTX rig.

[url="]"[/url] - why idiots should not be allowed to use PCs. - stay off the meth, kids. - I like this guy. - I suggest reloading often. - order me one. - WTF ?!?!? - now that's an improvement on the arseholes who pulled me over Monday night. - some interesting reading here.  If you you never realised Japan is fscked up, you will now. - as you do.... - or as you don't.... - I just hope that wasn't pre-loved. - not bad - just a black eye and feeling dizzy! - why do I have a vision of talking to Teletech during this conversation? - nice garage... - interesting concept.  sort of similar to the rear here:  but I must say I don't like his chances of enthusatic right cornering, based on pic 13!  some seriously cool pics on this site.

fsck me!  just found this: - feel the farce. - oooookay, too much time.

|-o-| (-o-) |-o-|    STAY ON TARGET RED LEADER!!!!    Smile - now that's a sub! - this guy is my new idol. - I'm pretty sure a Super Jolly wasn't designed to be driven like that.  O.o - ah, crap. - but does it have to make that noise?? - I think there's something in there for all of us. - see if you can make it through to the end, and record how many brain cells were lost in the process. - back up and hit it again! - it was only a Mondeo.  No loss.  As for the 2CV.... - good try, though. - have some of this, sonny. - now THAT'S a BSOD! - be a bugger picking up all the BBs.... - they let that on TV ?!?  where !?! - Boom!  Headshot! - Boom!!!!  HEADSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - brilliant idea!  pity they explode occasionally.,...67_1_0_,00.html -  I think I own most of these, or have at least personally stolen them. - don't P&O Cruises own this or something? - should have checked the shipping options, dumbarse. - not a bad little game. - now that's pretty trick.  took me a while to igure out why he was overpainting so much. - I gotta get me one of those. - "I just get off on it, really". - couldn't agree more... - how you turn this *#&^ thing off ?!?

I can't remember if I have linked to one of these before, but I ran across them in an OCAU thread and they're too funny not to send: - oh, I GOTTA get one of these!  cool vids here:

Just found this this workblog set of a 300M "rebuild" - what do you think, an improvement? - man, is he in the shit. - wt bleeding f?!? - more wtf factor... - there's just something wrong with the Japanese culturally. - now that's my sort of stuffed toy!

"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."

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