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8 Jun 06, 01:23 PM,
Hi Guys,

Just a quick question. Would it be possible to upgrade to php5? If my info is correct then this is an Ubuntu server, so the upgrade should be pretty simple.

I just uploaded my new site ( and lost a function that is only in php5.

If this is to much of a hassle then don't worry.


8 Jun 06, 02:16 PM,
In short: no.

UGBox is running Debian Linux. AFAIK the debian package system (for the Stable version, which we use) doesn't yet include PHP5.

We have a few things running (Including VHCS2 - the control panel software we use) that require php4 if my memory serves correct - What are you having issues with in php4?

8 Jun 06, 02:50 PM,
simplexml_load_file() only exists in PHP5.

No matter. I will just have to do without.


EDIT: Is this going to be a long term thing or will it be updated in the forseeable future?

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