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what is this
25 Jun 06, 07:51 AM,
what is this

[Image: 1314f5fb96b111972d1b1624bc7351.jpg]
26 Jun 06, 02:33 PM,
It's some sort of fungus. There was a thread about it on the OCAU forums, but I can't find it.

Edit: Here is the thread

If you don't have a forums account:

Aseroe rubra

"An unusual tropical member of the ornate stinkhorn family (Clathraceae) is the starfish fungus (Aseroe rubra). Like other stinkhorns, this peculiar fungus emerges from a subterranean "egg" stage. At maturity it has five to ten radiating arms, each divided into two slender "tentacles." A slimy, black spore mass occurs in the center and at the bases of the radiating "tentacles." The spore slime has a fetid odor resembling that of rotting meat. The dark, slimy spore mass has a fetid odor and attracts flies. "
27 Jun 06, 10:07 AM,
thanks Big Grin :thumbup:
5 Jul 06, 08:32 AM,
It's actually a Replicator, post-SG-1 visit. Big Grin
I don't have time for this! There's Germans to defeat!

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